Random 5 Monday – December 18, 2017

Random 5 Monday – December 18, 2017

It’s time for another Random 5 Monday folks! 

Here are 5 completely random things plugging my brain holes on this beautiful Monday morning! 


Numero Uno

I used to make fun of people who popped open a packet of Emergen-C at the first sniffle or sneeze.  Now, I’m one of those people.  My throat hurts, all face holes are clogged, I’m coughing up things that are too gross to mention and I’m sneezing.  Sneezing in our house is considered rude, mostly by our dog Dupree.  He does not like sneezing.  In fact, when anyone sneezes, he gets up and leaves the room.  Weirdo.  Anyhoodle, I found a way to drink Emergen-C so it doesn’t taste like frothy toe jam.  Mix it up with a flavor packet.

Numero Dos

GaviBaby is sick.  AGAIN.  He started wheezing on Saturday but it wasn’t bad,  A little cough.  Nothing major.  Yesterday his wheezing was a little worse and today, well he’s got a doctor’s appointment today.  He’s constantly wheezing now.  And he’s such a little mover that he makes it worse because he won’t sit still.  No fever but his chest sounds really tight.  I very much dislike it when he is sick.  He’s such an amazing baby though, even when he doesn’t feel good he’s smiling and playing.  Admittedly, my favorite part is when he climbs up in my lap just to lay his head on me and rest for a bit.  It’s the sweetest thing ever.  The “hold me because I don’t feel so yum” stare and it’s especially heart-melting when he wraps his little arms around me and holds on tight.  It doesn’t take long for him to catch his breath though and then he’s off and crawling around again.  

Numero Tres

This weekend I realized I haven’t made a single hat yet.  Normally by now I’ve got 10 or 15 done.  I just can’t find the umph to get crocheting.  I didn’t even make GaviBaby a blanket.  I made one for our first gbaby lol.  Gbaby2 seems to have gotten the short end of that stick.  Maybe next year when things get into a normal routine with my job I’ll break out the sewing machine and throw together a quilt for him.  Maybe not.  I’m probably actually just finding reasons to keep my craft closet in tact.  I’ve promised to get rid of my yarns and a ton of fabric.  If I actually use some of it I can justify keeping it.  If he yaps about my fabric I’ll just bring up that smoker just sitting there, not smoking anything, ever.  Although, he did talk about smoking a turkey this morning.  OH CRAP!  That reminds me, I’m supposed to take the stupid bird out of the freezer.  BRB.


Numero Cuatro

Not entirely sure why, but I could have sworn cuatro started with a Q.  Like, I would have bet money on it.  That’s how sure I was.  I don’t bet.  I don’t like gambling.  Occasionally I play Hold ‘Em but that’s probably twice a year now.  Casinos are just not my thing.  Well, I worked at a casino once and made a ton of money.  I was a cashier before all the machines took over and could cash out tickets without a human.  I only worked a few nights a week but I made as much there in 3 nights as I did in 5 days at my full time job during the day.  I actually forgot about my hourly check at the casino and they would end up mailing those to me.  My hourly wage was like $2.15 or something ridiculous like that, so in the 6 days I was there in a pay period it was all of $250 after taxes.  Two weeks to get that much!  I made that in a single night.  I was there for the tips.  Make money every night.  Sometimes $100, sometimes $400.  Luck of the draw, just like gambling, except I’m guaranteed to make money and not spend it.  I saw all walks of life come in and sell their souls to the devil.  Gambling is the drug of choice for some, and they would spend every last penny in there.  I just wanted to put in my time and get out.  I do have to admit, handling $100,000 or more in a night was pretty amazing!


Numero Cinco

It’s almost Christmas and we have over half of the shopping done.  That’s pretty impressive for us.  Usually we are the ones scrambling through the stores getting stocking stuffers and last minute presents we forgot to put on the list.  This year I’m stumped.  Completely stumped.  I have no idea what to get Andrew.  He never asks for anything.  Ever.  Occasionally he will send me a link to a funny t-shirt or something like that, but never anything big.  And that makes it hard to know what the heck he wants.  When I walk around the stores with him I ask, “Hey when is the next holiday I get a present, because that’s what I want.”  And then I’ll point and he logs it into his brain.  Sure enough, I get it later on.  Maybe it’s just a surprise or maybe it’s for a holiday, but I get whatever it is that I’ve asked him to get.  He’s super good at that game.  I apparently either don’t listen or he really is just that saintly.  Honestly, the things he is into I have no clue how to buy.  Ammo?  Hahaha I tried that once and it was a fiasco.  I’m not sure if he even has the guns for the ammo I bought.  It all sounds the same once I get in the store.  Fishing stuff?  Even worse.  Do you have any idea how many lures there are on a single wall?  I could get him a rod and reel but I don’t know what’s good and what’s not.  I’ll end up thinking I did something grand but in reality I would end up buying the Yugo of fishing poles.  Hunting stuff?  Whatever.  When I suggested getting him a bag that zips to put his kill in and it had a strap so he could drag it through the field without much effort, he looked at me like I had three eyeballs.  “We don’t need that, that’s stupid.”  Well, I thought it was a neat gadget that might be helpful.  And until Andy, I didn’t know there was a difference in camo.  That’s a completely different kind of fiasco I’m not willing to spend money on alone.  He has to pick that out or he will end up with duck camo.  Or water fowl or whatever they call it. These are the things he loves, but I look like a complete misfit on those aisles in the store.  Unsupervised?  Forget it.  Complete disaster.

It’s kind of annoying the more I think about it.  I mean sure, he puts his family first and all that jazz… he is selfless and makes sure we have what we need and want and even more… but in times like now, like Christmas, he makes me freak out.  Now I’m under pressure to get something good for a silent man who won’t even give me a smidge of a hint.  Like the year I got him the meat grinder and dehydrator.  He loves deer jerkey.  I think the grinder is in pieces somewhere and the dehyrator has been used once in the last 5 years.  I think he does this on purpose.  To make me sweat.  To see if I’m paying attention all year long like he does.  Well heck no I’m not, or I wouldn’t be in a panic now!  Duh!  I don’t have a memory for what happened last week, let alone some silent hint he’s given me eight months ago.  Sheesh!  And now I’ve got only a few days left.  Lord help us all.

Have a great week ya’ll!  Next Monday is Christmas Day… I’m not sure I’ll have a post, but with me you just never know! 😉

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