Pick a Word, Any Word…

Pick a Word, Any Word…

The new year is approaching and guess what that means!!!


This is the time we start dreaming up a million unrealistic goals, maybe even jot them down on paper thinking it will hold us accountable, and then throughout the year we completely forget about the list or feel defeated when we fail to keep them.  Lose weight, eat better, get healthy, try harder at work, stop yelling, stop cussing, stop drinking, stop smoking, go to church more, get closer to God, pray daily, read the bible, read a book, read 12 books, stop dating morons, go on a cruise, start a savings account… anything and everything we’ve ever thought of goes into this list right?  I never stick to it.  I make excuses.  It’s a lot of pressure, this stupid list.  Life happens.  Life doesn’t slow down and remind you, “What about your list Denise?” 


That list is crap.  It always has been.  So this year I’m going to try something else. 


I want to concentrate on a single word.  This one word is something I want to mimic.  Not a list of goals, but a single word that will help me be a better person.  No matter how cool we think we are, there’s always room for improvement.  I’ve got a lot of areas I need to improve actually, so picking a single word was pretty hard.  My ADHD tells me to spin off into hyperdrive and that I need 5 words, but that’s just like the lousy resolutions… too much. 


It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Picking a single word, I mean.  Like, do I choose PEACE so I’ll remind myself to be at peace with situations out of my control?  Or what about PATIENCE so road rage isn’t an issue and I don’t want to drop kick my kids when they make me repeat things like how to properly load the toilet paper roll, daily?  I like the word FACETIOUS, but that one pretty much goes against the grain here.  I probably shouldn’t concentrate on being facetious.  I would most definitely lose what few friends I have managed to keep over the years.  JOYFUL?  That’s a great word.  POSITIVITY!  That’s a terrific word actually.  I tend to be Negative Nancy unintentionally.  It’s more of a sarcasm instinct, but I think it’s interpreted as negativity sometimes.  I’m also socially awkward and don’t have much of a filter, so maybe SHUTYOURFACE should be my word.  Ok, that’s not a single word, but I like it anyway.  For me, I wanted to encompass several areas of my life that could use work and find the perfect word to help me grow as a human.


That’s it!  I need discipline, especially in the coming year.  I’m terrible at setting limits and goals and actually sticking to them.  I’m a professional procrastinator and 2018 is going to be supremely challenging if I continue allowing myself to be lazy.  I can incorporate DISCIPLINE into every aspect of my life actually, so it’s perfect.  The ADHD portion of my brain is satisfied and it’s something I can have success with, even if it’s just a single area of my life instead of overall.  Success is important!  If we don’t have success we drop the ball.  Well, I do.  I need results.  Quickly.  Then I can pat myself on the back and continue with the chore because I’m seeing those results, which then stimulates me to continue that same behavior.  It’s human nature. 

I’m looking forward to 2018.  I’m looking forward to utilizing my word to help me grow and be a better me. 

What will your word be? 

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