Random 5 Monday, January 8, 2018

Random 5 Monday, January 8, 2018

I’m back.  It’s a new year.  Ready for some Random 5?

I’ve discovered a cheap and yummay coffee pod.  Green Mountain brand.  The Caramel Vanilla Cream is delish!  I do add a tiny bit of extra sugar, but nothing else.  I’m not a true coffee addict.  I don’t have it every day, which is probably a good thing because I’d be up all night long and the coffee squirts isn’t something my body can handle on a daily.  And if I’m being honest here, warm drinks make me sleepy.  I’m not exactly drinking this mess to sleep, know what I mean.  Anyhoodle, this brand isn’t the best I’ve had but it’s not the worst either, and it’s super cheap at my grocery store.  And price trumps flavor in these pods right now because I can doctor it up and make it taste phenomenal if it’s not great.  This one though, it’s great just like it is.  Oh… except when it gets cold.  Then it’s super gross.  Like sweet coffee water.  Ick.  Now, if I can just keep the youngest teen out of the pods life would be spectacular! LOL

So I’m going to get serious for a second.  It’ll be short, kinda.  Maybe.  I’m having difficulty with something and maybe I need advice.  Isn’t that funny coming from someone who works with therapists.  Like, I have access to free therapy any time of the day.  My boss is amazing at her job and really helps me when I get twisted up about something, or I’m trying to cope with something. Naw, I don’t need advice.  Probably some encouragement would be helpful.  Parents are supposed to love their kids, not matter what, right?  Does that mean we have to like them?  Because I’m having a real hard time liking one of them at the moment.  Realistically, I’ve got four, so there’s still hope for the others, but this one in particular is really burning through all the “chances” and my “give a damn” is slowly closing in around me.


Brainiac and I tried our hand at making hummus this weekend.  She is all the sudden all about Greek mythology, so we made Greek hummus.  It’s chick peas, baby spinach leaves, feta crumbles and lemon juice.  The recipe called for cinnamon but we ignored that part, LOL.  That just sounds weird.  And our feta had Mediterranean spices in it, so even better!  Yummay!  Brainiac has a pretty developed palate for her age.  She prefers healthier foods and can pretty much pinpoint the ingredients in a particular recipe without cheating.  It’s kind of freakish.  She will notice a flavor I didn’t even realize was in something.  Anyway, we tried it with baby carrots and celery and it was…. okay.  Nothing spectacular.  She liked the citrus flavor and I thought it needed bacon.  Bacon fixes everything.  But she was quick to point out bacon is the opposite of the “healthy” snack we were trying to accomplish here.  Whatever, Fun Police.  **Eye roll**


If you don’t have one of these, your mommy doesn’t love you.  I don’t remember Headstart.  The only thing I remember about living in El Cajon was when I peed my bed and my mom told me to crawl in her bed.  In the morning my dad said, “Don’t look under the covers.”  Of course I looked.  All I saw was a stark white butt!  A dad butt, in full form, fluorescent white, under the covers.  It was traumatizing.  I guess in the 70s it was ok to sleep naked in the bed with your daughter.  Now that I look back, EEEWWWW DAD!  No wonder I’m all screwed up.  Thanks.  Friggin’ hippies!

Today is my besties birthday.  She’s my person.  The one who tells me when I’m being a jerk or tells me I suck at being supportive.  She’s the first one to tell me I’ve got a bat in the cave, my pants are old lady pants or my socks don’t match and I look homeless.  She’s also the girl in my corner.  The one who encourages me to write and tells me my stories are good, even when I don’t finish them.  She notices when I change something about my makeup and when I dye my hair.  She shows me the shoes she’s buying before she buys them and asks for my opinion, but she doesn’t listen when I say “Are those glittered? Eeewww!” because she’s a shoe addict; but then she gives me her old shoes, so there’s that.  She’s the best camp friend ever because I get to cook with her cooking toys and she doesn’t get in the way.  I can cry, flip out, be random, and tell her anything, and I know she’s not going anywhere.  Of course she judges me, we all judge.  But she stays and loves me anyway.  And that’s why she’s my person.

Happy Birthday Sam! 

You’re the bestest best and I love you.

That’s it for today folks!  I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Come back next week for another round of Random!

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